Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch(75cl, 50%)


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This small-batch bourbon is named after Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, an incredibly important figure in bourbon’s history from the 1800s who owned a whole host of distilleries and innovated production methods which are still used today. It’s only right that the Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch lives up to his name by being absolutely amazing.

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Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch (75cl, 50%)

Colonel E.H. Taylor is a brand owned by prolific distiller Buffalo Trace. The brand consists of a large number of expressions  nearly all of which I’ve never seen on store shelves. The Small Batch, though, seems to be widely available. The Small Batch is bottled in bond and (therefore) is 50% ABV and at least 4 years old. It’s appropriate that this whiskey is bottled in bond, because its namesake Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. was one of the first proponents of the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897, which protected American bourbon from unscrupulous retailers and counterfeiters. The Colonel, called the Father of the Bourbon Industry mostly by people who own his brand, was the financier and, later, owner of several early distilleries. He is known for his innovation of production processes and leadership in lobbying the government on behalf of the early American bourbon industry. His Old Taylor brand of bourbon is still produced by Buffalo Trace. This Small Batch (and the other expressions in the Colonel E.H. Taylor brand) are modern tributes to the Colonel, first released in 2013, and intended as “premium” or luxury versions of Old Taylor.


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