English Whisky

Perhaps more well known for their ales, ciders and gins, unbeknownst to many, England also produces a wealth of fantastic whiskies too. From the Lakelands of Cumbria and beaches of Cornwall to the idyllic surrounds of The Cotswolds, you don’t have to search for long to find a treasure trove of English-made whisky.

The character profile of English whiskies is typical of the flavours you might expect, you’ll find fresh notes of apple married with the richness and decadence of cream, all tied together with undertones of spicy cloves.

At The Whisky World, we make sure to stock an all-encompassing range of English whisky for you to enjoy. Here you’ll find a selection of brands that offer something for all tastes, with prestigious blends from the likes of Cotswold, The English Whisky Co. and The Lakes Distillery.