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Here at The Whisky Distributors we are partial to the belief that every season is Whisky season. However, as the greens turn to amber’s and gold and we’re greeted by the old familiar nip of the cold, as the nights grow longer and darker, we find that to resist one’s favourite dram becomes that much harder.

Seeing as we are spoilt for choice here in the whisky shop of wonder’s we thought that it was only fair that we share with you what is warming our cockles on these mild Autumn nights. From single malt to single grain, form Scotland to Japan we have a dram for every budget and every pallet.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Port Dundas 13 Year Old Single Cask Grain Whisky

First up is the Douglas Laing bottling of the Port Dundas 13 Single grain. This one was distilled in July 2004 and matured in American Oak barrels until it’s bottling for the Old Particular range in March 2018. On the nose we have Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs and a hint of orchard fruit. The pallet is a delight of mixed berries and a generous helping of clotted cream finishing up with tart citrus notes cutting through the decadent sweetness.

Arran 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky (2019 release)

We’ve been making all the googley eyes at Arran 10’s spectacular re-brand of late and it would be rude not to revisit their core staple. Herbaceous on the nose channelling the plush, green fields of Arran, this easy drinking single malt is reminiscent of sweet cheesecake base and rich apple sauce. A slight bitterness on the end but it’s so damn good looking we forgive

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Blended Whisky

Thanks to the fresh drop of Hibiki Harmony at the shop we’ve been obliged once more to indulge in the treat from the East. This is a honeyed berry bomb on the nose and the pallet kicks in with an irresistible, buttery, sticky toffee pudding before giving way to a peppery, oak abundant finish. Sweet and fragrant and extremely moreish. This blend takes whiskey from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries, as well as grain whisky from the Chita distillery. 5 different cask types were used  but we’ll see if you can guess them?

Brora 40 Year Old 200th Anniversary Limited Edition

Setting phasers to stun for our final pick we are lucky to have in our possession the exclusive Brora 40-Year-old that was limited to a bottling of just 1,819 bottles from their 1978 Hogsheads.

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